“The thing that got me was his musical memory: his memory was crazy. The way he’d reference songs or demos that I’d sent, he’d remember the smallest little things of the way I sang something, that I went up and not down—things that no one else really notices. No one. I was like, ‘Drake is noticing this.’ That threw me off a little bit.”

— (Sampha, Interview Magazine)

Drake is like my brother, man. Every time we mix it up – this Canadian light-skinned dude and a black-ass trap guy from Atlanta – we have success.”

— (2 Chainz, Rolling Stone)

“‘Worst Behavior’ was literally, like, a mistake. I was waiting for my friend — he didn’t show up, or he came late. I was in the studio, and I was just like, let me try to make some beats with the new software that I had. I went to the booth and started humming and came up with a dope, creative drum idea.”

— (DJ Dahi, Rolling Stone)

“When he was writing his verse [for “From Time”] he calls me and was just like, ‘I’ve been riding around here to what you sent me, and this is what I came up with’ and he rapped it over the phone just to keep me involved, which was really nice because a lot of people don’t do that. That’s why I say this is a real collaboration, because it was really like he wanted me to be a part of it at every step.”

— (Jhene Aiko, Complex)

“It’s a huge change in tone. Before, Drake was a nice guy. Here, he’s stepping up the attitude and playing hardball.”

— (Noah “40” Shebib, Rolling Stone)

"We eventually, get to make ‘Hold On.’ I write the words over a beat that’s produced by this guy Paul Jeffries, really talented producer goes by Nineteen85….Jordan heard the idea, loved the melodies and the words and was like, ‘Ok, I can speed this up and give it that four on the floor almost feeling.’ Beef it up a little bit."

— (Majid Jordan, Hot 97)

"I had done a verse to [Key's beat] and didn't know [Drake] did a song to it. I sent him the verse and [Drake's] like, 'You bodied this sh--.' Then we had the song forever. He was like, 'I already did my verse and 2 Chainz did his verse but we've gotta get the right chorus,' and that took a while. But everything happened at the right time."
— (Big Sean, MTV News)